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A Personal recollection by producer Sam Sherman
Sam Sherman was gracious to offer his recollections of the film

Re - your favorite film BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE.

Al was submitted a script based on an unproduced play called FEAST OF THE VAMPIRES. These cannibal vampires cooked and ate
nude girls.

I thought it was too extreme (maybe not for today) but for then and wanted nothing to do with it. I re-wrote it into BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE. The film was tied in with NIGHTMARE IN WAX, which Al and I had nothing to do with. It was the money that film owed (over budget) which sunk BODC.

Even though we had the money to buy out BODC, nobody would listen to us as the tie-in with sinking both films was in the works. This is a story all too common in the low budget film world in Hollywood, which I wanted no part of. By staying out of Hollywood and remaining on the east coast, I avoided many of the vultures out there who preyed on small filmmakers.

I was never happy with the film. I felt Carradine was miscast, as he should have been Dracula. Alex D'Arcy was also screwed. I met him in London and we used to have breakfast together every day and on several days we chatted about being victims of BODC.

I have wondered what happened to Vicki Volante, I think she was in the film. I think Paula Raymond is still around and Alex is gone. He was a nice gentleman. Of course most of all I miss Al, who was like the brother I never had. His murder was a great tragedy in my and my family's life. Of course, so was Regina's death in 1992 and she suffered greatly at the end of her life. She was a beautiful person.

We may have made rough, violent films, but we were all far from the type of people portrayed in our movies. They were only fantasy entertainment for the drive ins of a forgotten era. I hope that gives you some background.

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