Alternate and Misquoted Titles
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The misquoted title, "They're Coming To Get You"
Producer Sam Sherman was gracious to offer this statement
6/19/01 - I can't be sure, but someone keep repeating historical errors claiming that
THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU is DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN. I don't know if it is on your website.
(webmaster's note: I did have it listed here as such, but have removed all references and material relating to the film)
THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU is an Italian film shot in England
(orig. ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK), and starring George Hilton and Edwige Fenech.

What amazes me is that no matter how many times I have been interviewed, as was Al Adamson,
that incorrect data keeps creeping into our history.

The miscredited title, "Dracula vs. Frankenstein" (the Jess Franco film)
Producer Sam Sherman was gracious to offer this statement
9/26/01 - Several companies copied our title DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN
for other films, which originally had other titles. None of them had an actual
conflict of Count Dracula vs. The Frankenstein Monster.

Neither Al Adamson nor myself (or IIP ) had anything to do with those
films of any kind. I have no idea who dreams up this stuff. Another falsehood-
that our DVF was also called THEY'RE COMING TO GET YOU - an Italian film
we only distributed.

(webmaster's note: Sam Sherman is referring to the Jess Franco-directed film of 1969 "Monstruos del Terror",
released on one video under the title "Dracula vs. Frankenstein". It's a common misbelief that new American-shot
footage was filmed by Al Adamson. In reality, Al had nothing to do with the American release of the
Jess Franco film. It's possible that the use of the same title, plus the use of Zandor Vorkov's image of
Dracula from the Adamson film on a lobby card, has contributed to the continued misbelief of
Al's participation in the Franco film.)

The alternate titles, "Blood of Frankenstein" and "Teenage Dracula"
Producer Sam Sherman was gracious to answer these questions
12/11/03 - Q: Sam, I was wondering about how you decided on some of the alternate titles for re-releases of DVF?
I just got one of the TEENAGE DRACULA pressheets off Ebay, and was curious about the retitling from this late 70's reissue
(as well as the other alternate BLOOD OF FRANKENSTEIN title from another time).
Did the success of YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN have anything to do with the TEENAGE DRACULA title selection?

A: Here is the info on the DVF alternate titles-

BLOOD OF FRANKENSTEIN - When we had reshot THE BLOOD SEEKERS to this first version of the film,
that is what it was called and a complete advertising campaign was done on it. When we had a dispute
with the film lab holding the  negative we went into litigation with them and emerged victorious in about a year.
Then I decided to make the film stronger and add the new 20 minute ending and fight of the monsters resulting in the final title change.

TEENAGE DRACULA - This was a failure idea of mine to reissue the film theatrically, maybe based on the success
of things like THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. The idea was crazy and went nowhere.

Hope that explains it.

Q: Ah, ok....I hadn't even thought about a ROCKY HORROR connection. I used to be really into that back in the early 80's!
I love that ending with Dracula ripping the monster into pieces! Does that mean the "alternate ending" (on both the
dvd and laserdisc) with Roger Engel is what the ending originally was before the changes were made and the DVF title used?

A: Yes, the alternate DVF ending on the DVD is the original BOF ending - and as you can see it was not good, which is why I rejected it.

Hope that clears it up.

12/12/03 - Q: Oh, I wouldn't say it wasn't good....just not as exciting as the second ending with Dracula battling the monster.

A: The first ending was never properly scripted and was improvised at 3:300AM in the morning - and we all knew it was not good.

Maybe the film did not need an extended fight of the monsters - that was strictly my idea
to give us the marketing hook to use the better title of DVF, but the original ending
was kind of a truncated or cut-off ending which left the viewer unsatisfied.
Al agreed with me about this, as the first ending was the best he felt that could have been done
late at night under the circumstances and budget then available.
Al always worked with the budget available and completed the project. But, he always agreed with me that
anything could be made better if we had some addition budget to spend.
So, I had to go back to the well and get more money.

Best, Sam