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NOTE: The individual film links here are only for the horror films featured on this site...
For information on Al's other movies, follow the Al Adamson biography/credits link

Anthony parsons' wonderful site on
al adamson's entire career & films

various articles & Interviews on adamson and his films

Foreign pages on al adamson

Danish page: review of BLOOD OF DRACULA'S CASTLE

Italian review of BLOOD OF GHASTLY HORROR dvd

spanish pages on al adamson

Filmography (FILMOGRAFÍA)

blood of dracula"s castle

dracula vs. frankenstein

horror of the blood monsters

Al Adamson page at

the bad movie report on dracula vs. frankenstein, at stomp tokyo

Blood of Dracula's Castle review by The Couch of Doom

BLOOD OF GHASTLY HORROR review by Richard Scheib

Dracula vs Frankenstein review by Richard Scheib

Dracula vs Frankenstein review at

Dracula vs Frankenstein: Another review at

Dracula vs. Frankenstein review by Braineater

Ken Begg's exhaustive review of
DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN at Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension
(includes link to great article on producer Sam Sherman's commentary
for the Roan Group laserdisc)

Ken Begg's review at bad movie night

Last Lies: Review (Brad Beshaw's great article on Al Adamson)

Review of Vampire Men of the Lost Planet
(aka Horror of the blood monsters) at

Dracula vs, Frankenstein review by Jerry renshaw
from the austin Chronicle 9-15-97

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